We are already rehearsing studious for the Xmas concert on 19th Dec. 1999:

Professor Vila at the singing probPr991008

our sopranos Pr991008

Our boss, Siegi, is also singing soprano. Pr991008

The alts are singing and singing. Pr991008

Soprano and Alt are singing in two voices,
But hold on... Pr991008

The next step is the prob with the men, the> In this case exceptionally not Luciano, Jose and Placido,
but Gerhard, Hansi und Günter(alias Pirdi). Pr991008

Stars (or people, that think to be) don´t escape snapshotsPr991008

Unfortunatelly it was not possible to get a picture of the bassos, because one basso was behind the camera.

Hardly it went to be dark.... Pr991008

the group left their seats... Pr991008

because we got Frankfurter and Debreciner... Pr991008

These took well also to Siegi and Marina. Pr991008

The only one that are still making music. Dani and Fritz. Pr991008

With a good tasting wine in the hand it is nice to tattle a little bit. Pr991008

Looking on this prob we are very reliant that the concert on 19th december 99
again will become a big success.

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