The Tamburitza Orchestra Steinbrunn performed in the famous CASINO BADEN

The Event

The Tamburitza Orchestra Steinbrunn performed in Vienna‘s famous CASINO BADEN
on 11th  September 1999.
The occasion was a party marking the 40th anniversary of the „Folkculture group Baden“.
„The Folkculture group Baden“ is under the leadership of Mr. Klaus Pierer.

Nine folk groups from whole of Austria performed, including Tamburitza 
Orchestra Steinbrunn.  The audience enjoyed our colorful folk costumes and 
spirited Croatian folkmusic.
Although the Tamburitza music is very well known in Burgenland (which is 
where Steinbrunn is located),
we often find that there are places in Austria that don´t know Tamburitza music 
at all.

This was the case at Baden/Vienna, which is just 30 km from Steinbrunn 
in the county of Lower Austria.
The music 
and culture of Austria‘s other counties --- Lower Austria, Styria and 
west toward Vorarlberg ----  is more much more familiar to the average 
Austrian and therefore much better known.
With our 
performance in Baden we have shown once again how important our work is.  
As „musician embassadors“ from the village Steinbrunn, we have been able 
to present  to the rest of Austria the many different cultures and languages 
of Burgenland.

Wherever we travel to present our melancholic Croatian melodies, people will 
tell us that they envy us and they encourage us to continue to keep our 
culture and our bilingualism (German and Croatian) alive. 

We often we hear comments like this:

„Try to teach your children Croatian. My grandparents or parents also spoke 
croatian and german. But they raised me speaking only in German. Now, as I 
am older, I begin to understand how I miss my second language (Croatian). 
But now (maybe) it is too late to learn.“

Understandably, our village is very proud of us when we receive comments and 
compliments like this!

Although the performing groups at Baden included over 90 people, everyone was 
invited to a  „Gulasch“ dinner, compliments of the Club.  And,  after the 
official party was over we were invited to partake of a warm buffet.

All in all, this performance was a very impressive experience for Tamburitza 
Orchestra Steinbrunn and we will remember it for a very long time.

The Tamburitza Orchestra just before the official party started
TOS in Casino Baden 1
It was very tight as all groups tried to get space on the too small stage. TOS in Casino Baden 2
The official program Programmzettel Casino Baden
Casino Baden

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