Steinbrunn´s Tamburasi in Brasil

How our jurney began:

After performing every year (since 1961) in Austria and also in neighboring countries in Europe, we traveled to China in 1995 to perform at a folklore festival in Shanghai sponsored by the steel company Baoshan. On the flight to China we met the President of the IOV (Internationale Organisation für Volkskunst, an international organization for folkart). His name is Mr. Alexander Veigl. Coincidentally, Mr. Veigl lives 30 km north of our home village of Steinbrunn. We had great fun together in China and he became a good friend of ours. Last year, Mr. Veigl asked us if we would be interested in performing at a folklore festival in Santos, Brasil, near Sao Paulo. Of course we took him up on the offer and we now have him to thank for the wonderful experience we just had in Brasil.