Steinbrunn´s Tamburasi in Brasil

How it continued:

On Thursday, the 13th of August, the Tamburizza Orchester Steinbrunn left Austria with on a flight at 17:40 from Vienna. We flew via Frankfurt to Sao Paulo, Brasil and arrived there early in the morning. A bus picked us up at the airport and we drove about 80 km to Praia Grande near Santos. Our accomodations were fine. All of the performing groups were lodged at the same facility and we all had several free time possibilities. From the14th until the 23rd we gave two performances a day. The biggest ones were the official opening end closing ceremonies which were attended by some 10,000 people, all looking and listening to us. At the closing ceremony, our orchestra performed „My Heart Will To On“ from the motion picture „Titanic„, while all the other groups (about 18 in all) entered the stage area. Then each group gave a final performance of about five to 10 minutes. The audience was excellent. At times they cried and become so emotional that I thought I was on the stage of a Rolling Stones or Michael Jackson concert. The Brasilians definitely were one of the most wonderful audiences we have ever played for. Often, we didn‘t get to bed until early morning. During the day we visited some nearby villages, including one that was 1700m above the sea level. It was founded by immigrants from Switzerland and the houses had typical roofs like in the Swiss and Austrian Alps. At this altitude, the temperature was about 5 to 10° C. But in Praia Grande, at sea level, it was between 30 and 35°C. It was August, so this is winter in the southern hemisphere. But, Brasil is near the equator, so it never gets really cold. We also went to Sao Paulo at for a gala evening hosted by prominent politicians and the president of Sao Paulo. This audience, too, stamped their feet with enthusiasm when we played some of our more spirited songs. When we and the other groups left Praia Grande on Monday the 24th, our guides and the organization people had tears in their eyes.

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